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Designed for multifunctional use where the face and eyes need protection, the Zeta helmets provide excellent work experience for welding, grinding, inspection, and cutting processes. The Zeta product range includes four lightweight, narrow stand-alone helmet models equipped with the most advanced auto-darkening filter for welding or a wide visor for grinding.

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  • Total: 4
  • Kemppi

    Zeta W200 Welding helmet

    376.55 EUR

    470.69 EUR / pcs

  • Kemppi

    Zeta W200X Welding helmet

    483.03 EUR

    603.79 EUR / pcs

  • Kemppi

    Zeta G200 Grinding helmet

    144.23 EUR

    180.29 EUR / pcs

  • Kemppi

    Zeta G200X Grinding helmet

    250.71 EUR

    313.39 EUR / pcs

  • Total: 4